Tc Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo

Tc Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo

tc electronic

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Highly Customizable Tremolo Pedal with Vintage and Modern sounds, Tap Tempo, Volume Boost and TonePrint Technology.

The new PIPELINE TAP TREMOLO is TC Electronic’s highly anticipated TonePrint-enabled tremolo pedal.

With Pipeline at your feet, you’ll have access to the warm, organic sounding sinus curves of the sixties, the jagged edge rotor blade clippings reminiscent of helicopter landings, and everything in between.

Whether you are looking for a classic surf sound or the syrupy wobble of the Motown era, the Vintage mode has got you covered, while the Square mode yields a more aggressive and edgy modern sound.

Of course, you can always use the TonePrint mode to custom tailor PIPELINE TAP TREMOLO and make your own waves.

With up to 6 dbs of volume boost on tap, Pipeline lets you eliminate the perceived volume drop inherent in tremolo effects, and make weak sounding tremolo passages a thing of the past.

After selecting from 7 different modes of rhythmic subdivision, use the footswitch to tap the tempo and you’re good to go.